Your website is YOUR parking space on the Information Highway. Everyone from your neighbor to a customer across the ocean can see what you have to offer. Doing business with them as easy as selling something to your mom. So how do you sell more on your site? Give Internet customers exactly what they are looking for.

Let’s first analyze what type of site you need:

Information site – a website where customers can read all about you and what you do(we like to call them brochure sites)

e-commerce site – takes money from your customer in exchange for a product you are selling (or receives donations to your cause)

Database – a place where customers log in and get access to their info stored on your site.

Media-sharing site – a place for customers to upload their own videos and pictures.



Let Studio 90/17 make the reality of your company the perception of your customer.

You are serious about your business. You bust your tail to get the job done. You care about your customers. You offer a GREAT service.  BUT….can a client tell that when she sees your sign? A well-designed logo shows you’re a legit company. You are solid. You are in business for the long haul. The main reason for having a logo is to validate your company and reinforce your brand.

Subconsciously many things happen when someone sees your logo. There is an emotional reaction (“Look at the pretty colors on this logo – she works for a friendly company!”) There is also a gut reaction (“I recognize that company sign. I need to go in that store.”)

And for the never-before-seen logo on a business card, there is a curious reaction (“Hmmm. This looks professional. Wonder what he does?”)

In all three instances, your company’s reputation is on the line. It is our job to make sure the subconscious reactions are good ones (we should have been psychologists instead of graphic designers). Occasionally we are asked “If I spend this money on my brand, what is the rate of return on my logo?” Truth is, we can’t answer that. Some of your return comes in the form of a customer thinking “Hey. This company is serious. I’m going to do business with them.” Other times it comes in all-out flattery. “Wow! You guys look cool!”  Your brand, your sign, your logo evokes a perception about you. And we all know perception = reality.



Graphic design is not just about style. It’s about finding the best way to communicate your message.

Say you have a product that looks good but you need it to look GREAT on a box. What if you sell a service and there are no pictures of your product? What if you just need something to hand to someone about your business? What to do? Call us. Even though printed materials are swiftly becoming fewer and farther between, there is still a need for brochures, packaging, and ad layout. Good graphics, like the ones from Studio 90/17, set the style of your product. Everything looks put-together when we design it.

But graphic design is not just about style. It’s about finding the best way to communicate your message. We start by researching your business, your competitors, and your target market.

We are a true graphic design company that thinks about your design strategically so that your company message is loud and clear to your customers and stays in trend with your line of business.


We produce materials that speak to your audience in strong and clear ways:

•  Business Cards  •  Company Brochures •  Ads/Mailers  •  Product Packages

We provide 3-D drawings and design specs for manufacturing. Studio has worked with companies in China and the US submitting production drawings & details for plastic molds, fabric production, and cardboard packaging. We seem to be some sort of a small business incubator. If we can’t figure out how to make it happen we will get you in touch with someone who can.



Engage your customers with imagery. Inform them with video. Enlighten them with digital graphics.

Competitors are just one click away. Web visitors must quickly be engaged with imagery and useful information before they decide to click off and spend their Internet time on your competitor’s page.

To do this you need :

•  informative Videos        •  Engaging Pictures

•  Engrossing Graphics

A picture can tell a story. A video is even better. Other companies are jumping on the digital bandwagon – creating YouTube channels and posting commercials and videos online. Consumers LOVE watching videos about your company. How your product works. It lets them know you are genuine. Videos give customers a peek into your company.


All of Studio’s videos are crystal clear. We shoot digital video in high-def then edit in graphics and optimize the sound. For high-end productions and photo shoots, our process includes storyboards to pre-visualize each shot.



Our group has extensive experience in signage production and environmental graphics (wayfinding signs).  If you need a sign for your building, office graphics, or want to integrate your brand into a building, Studio 90/17 can do it. We like to get technical and work with architects, interior designers, and production people…all to make the finished product as great as the concept.



Are you one of those customers who come to us and say “I want a website and I don’t know where to begin.” Well you’re in luck because you are who we are used to working with. We have forms to prioritize your services, analyze your competitors, and nail down your target market. While we’re at it we might just squeeze a tag line out of you. What? You say you’re not creative? Don’t worry. We are. We just need your information.

Studio 90/17 provides copywriting for:

• Websites   • Brochures   • Ads   • Trade Shows

And SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Just how do you optimize the content on your site so that you rank high in a search? (through key words and links) Do you need a Facebook page? (most likely) Should you blog? (yes) What are your keywords? (the words people type when they are looking for you on Google)

Companies come to us with nothing and leave with a well-written, fresh, custom brochure. You need to sell yourself. We can help.

Did you know some companies pay upwards of $20,000 for website copywriting? That’s some serious dough. While we’re not charging THAT much for our copywriting services, we do know several of the secrets they use. It’s all tied together – website copy, social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin), paid links vs. organic links  – all of those play a role in how high your site sits on the search engine.


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